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Bienvenue to Arizona!

  • Arizona is a vital state for the United States economy, offering a range of exciting opportunities.

  • In 2022, Arizona emerged as the top destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), showcasing its growing economic potential.

  • Known for its innovation, Arizona has become a thriving hub for biotech, health tech, microprocessors, Electric Vehicles, and aerospace industries.

  • Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, proudly holds the position as the 5th largest city in the entire United States.

  • Maricopa County, which includes Greater Phoenix, experienced remarkable growth in population, making it the fastest growing county in the U.S. during 2022.

  • Arizona's exports reached an all-time high in 2022, totaling an impressive $27 billion in exports abroad.

  • The state's renowned universities, such as Arizona State University, contribute to a thriving research and development (R&D) landscape, propelling innovation to new heights.

Arizona and France 

  • French companies play a significant role in Arizona's economy, creating 7.8% of jobs generated by foreign companies.

  • These French firms have contributed to the creation of 10,400 jobs, showcasing their commitment to growth and employment.

  • Ranked fifth for job creation, France has demonstrated a remarkable 46.5% growth over the past ten years.

  • The trade relationship between Arizona and France is flourishing, with an annual trade value of $1.091 million.

  • France exports an array of products and goods worth $454 million to Arizona, with transportation equipment comprising 33% of the total, followed by electronics (25%), machinery (10%), metals (7%), chemicals (5%), agriculture, food & beverages (4%)  and other sectors (17%).

  • Arizona, in turn, exports $637 million in products and goods to France, with transportation equipment (43%),  electronics (26%),machinery (13%), metals & minerals (10%), and other categories (9%) leading the way.

Discover the endless possibilities in Arizona and witness the fruitful collaboration between Arizona and France!

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