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My company is based in the Rocky Mountains region, I would like some support to promote my company ; how can the RMFACC help me ?

By joining the RMFACC, you will have access to a network of 2300+ high quality francophile profiles on our social media platform. We will publish a post to introduce your company and share it with our network. You will be invited and have the opportunity to present your company during our networking events.

I plan to do an event for a product launch, new location, special event....What support can I get from the RMFACC ?

The RMFACC will post your event on our social media platforms and increase the visibility of your company event. We will provide you with contacts within the your industry and bring a "French touch" to your event.

How can I find local companies to help me structure my company ?

Over the years, the RMFACC has established a network of trusted partners to help our members find the experts they need to support their business. Our core competencies cover fields such as commercial and residential real estate, translation, corporate management, business leadership, IT, career development and coaching, legal and tax expertise...Our objective is to save you precious time by connecting you to the right experts.

How can I find some employees or trainees for my business?

Our members can benefit from our network to find good quality candidates, rather than using open job posting websites.

I am looking for a job, how the RMFACC can help me ?

Our leadership team can review with you your career goals and provide advice and coaching for your career. You will also benefit from our network to help you find the job you're looking for.

I want to get to know the Francophile community

The RMFACC is a great organization to network with the French community during our own or partner events. We work closely with the Alliance Française  and other local organizations to facilitate networking within the French community.

I am new to the Rocky Mountains or plan to move, and I need some advice on how to succeed in my relocation.

The RMFACC can help you facilitate your move by giving you contacts and advice regarding residential real estate, immigration, banking, schools, job hunting...Our network of relocation experts are here to help you move through the hurdles of an overseas move.

I am a local business in the Rocky Mountains - not necessarily with ties with to France - and would like to get to know the expat community, and offer my services.

By joining the RMFACC as a member, we will publish a post to introduce your company and share it with our network. You will be invited to, and have the opportunity to present your company, at our networking events.

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