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A V.I.E., or the Volontariat International en Entreprise, is a French government-supported program that supports Europeans citizens in their work experiences abroad.

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Young professionals who hold French Nationality or European Union citizenship who are between the ages of 18-28 have the opportunity to work abroad in a French company, or a company conducting business with France, for a period between 6-24 months. 

In collaboration, Business France, The French Embassy, and The French Chamber of Commerce supports the Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) program in many ways:

  • Visa support: VIE candidates can receive assistance with the visa application process, providing guidance on the necessary documentation and requirements.

  • Training and support: VIE candidates receive help preparing for their assignments abroad including assistance in completing necessary paperwork, information on the local culture, language, and business practices, as well as support with visa applications and other logistical matters.

  • Information and guidance: information and guidance is provided to French companies interested in participating in the VIE program. This may include information on the benefits of the program, the application process, and how to find and hire VIE candidates.

  • Promotion and outreach: information sessions, webinars, networking events, and other activities are conducted to raise awareness about the program and to connect French and American companies looking to expand internationally with potential VIE candidates located both in France and abroad.

  • Coordination with local partners: The French Embassy and the French American Chamber of Commerce work closely with local partners and organizations, such as national or regional chambers of commerce, to promote the VIE program and to connect companies with potential VIE candidates.

  • Support during the VIE assignment: Support to VIE candidates during their assignments abroad is available. This may include assistance with any issues related to visas, housing, or other logistical matters.

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