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Bastille Day French Fest 2024: Fashion Show Powered by Fashion Denver - Brandi McMichael - Call for All Local Fashion Designers

Experience the enchantment of French elegance at the Bastille Day French Fest Fashion Show 2024, brought to you by the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain and powered by Fashion Denver.

Produced and curated by Brandi McMichael, founder of Fashion Denver, this French-inspired fashion show will take place on July 12th in the heart of Cherry Creek North on Fillmore Plaza.

Local designers and stylists are invited to unleash their creativity, crafting unique looks that pay homage to the timeless allure of French fashion. From chic Parisian couture to avant-garde interpretations of iconic styles, the runway promises a delightful array of sartorial delights.

Models will grace the runway with ease, having prepared their looks in advance for this celebration of style. With the charming Cherry Creek North as the backdrop, this fashion extravaganza promises to be one of the highlight of the festivities, capturing the essence of French sophistication in every stride.

Interested in participating? Please fill out the form!

Meet Brandi McMichael - Fashion Denver, Founder | Creative Mornings Denver Executive Director

Learn more about Brandi McMichael, the mastermind behind Fashion Denver and Executive Producer of CreativeMornings/DEN. A semi-retired handbag designer, Brandi's creations once graced the cobblestone streets of Montmartre and adorned the arms of opera performers and donors in Paris. She's also known for her attempts at speaking French. Discover more about her passion for creativity and community at

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