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Learn Français at Any Age With Be Fluent in French - New Small Business Member

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to new Small Business Member Be Fluent in French, owned by Jen Pollock, or Madame Jen as her students like to call her! Originally from Lille, Madame Jen spent 12 years in New York City teaching French to fashion designers, chefs, singers, models, actors, journalists, the business world, and people from all walks of life before making her way to Denver.

Jen Pollock is the proud owner of "Be Fluent in French," a tutoring center in Central Park.

As the first QTALK Center, she brings an innovative and intuitive approach to learning French. In the spring, she hosts "French in the Park" classes, where families come together to enjoy learning French.

Be Fluent in French offers classes for both kids and adults, along with fun camps for an immersive experience. Madame Jen is passionate about bilingualism and making the French language enjoyable for everyone.

Classes with Be Fluent in French are a complete immersion into French culture, whether it’s making crepes together, visiting museums and cultural institutions, or listening to French music.

In her free time, she is an avid runner, loving to run and raising money for diverse charities like Team for Kids or Girls on the Run.

Now offering classes online and in-person throughout Denver, Madame Jen is happy to help students as young as two years old, those young at heart, and everyone in between.

Contact Madame Jen today and register for your private lessons, group lessons, mommy-and-me lessons or camp experiences.


Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm

Weekend: Closed



Be Fluent in French is now accepting applications for its Winter French Mini Camp, the perfect activity for kids ages 5-12 during the holiday season.

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