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New AZ Advisory Committee Members - Welcome to Angela Hardesty and Guillaume Aimé

The chamber is thrilled to present our two new advisory commitee members!

Angela Hardesty is a Senior Partner for HardestyLLC an executive services firm. With over 30 years in regulatory, technology, and management roles within the healthcare industry, she is responsible for operational advisory, executive search, and business development activities for the national interim executive practice. As a resident of France for 10 years, she has a deep affinity for the language, culture, and economic development of French American companies in Arizona. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling.

Guillaume Aimé is a corporate attorney at Gallagher & Kennedy in Phoenix, where he advises companies of all sizes across diverse industries in securities and business transactions, including public and private offerings, SEC reporting, and mergers and acquisitions.

He also advises companies and venture capital firms in VC funding and helps companies with their corporate governance, entity formation, and commercial contracts.

Born and raised in Paris, Guillaume moved to Arizona in 2010 to pursue his M.B.A. in Advanced Financial Strategies and M&A from Grand Canyon University and graduated from Arizona State University with his law degree in 2018.

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