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Partnership with the Italian American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona

We are delighted to announce a newly forged alliance between the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain and the Arizona Italian American Chamber of Commerce. This partnership signifies a milestone in our journey towards fostering international cooperation and business growth.


We are excited to unveil this agreement of mutual cooperation with our counterparts at the Italian Chamber of Commerce. This accord is the result of thoughtful discussions and a shared vision for the future. We recognize the immense potential that lies in our collaboration and the mutual benefits that will ensue. Both our organizations have a rich history and a common goal of serving our members. We believe that this alliance will open up new avenues for interaction, networking, and mutual growth.


We look forward to a fruitful partnership and are excited about the prospects that this alliance brings. Together, we will strive to create a vibrant business community that thrives on cooperation, mutual respect, and shared success.

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