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10x10 tent - Booth Fees

10x10 tent - Booth Fees



Your booth has been selected to participate in the World Market taking place at America First Field on September 16th from 12pm to 7pm.  Purchase one booth option and make sure to read our vendor packet (see below).

We expect a large audience as the stadium capacity is over 20.000 ppl.


 Booth Fees

- Tent 10x10: $75 + 10% Commission on gross sales*

- Food truck: $100 + 10% Commission on gross sales*



* Commission will have to be paid on Monday September 18th on this page:



Attendance absence at the event will not warrant a refund.

However, should the event be canceled due to inclement weather on our part, the booth fees will be reimbursed.


Vendor Packet

Thank you to read the vendor packet available here



You have to be insured to attend the event as a vendor. If you don't have an insurance coverage, we suggest you to check this show policy starting at $49:

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