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Priscilla Blanchot

Board Director

Priscilla Blanchot is a brand consultant with over 20 years of design and marketing experience. Her boutique agency, Carte Blanche, partners with business leaders to provide design and messaging clarity to facilitate marketing efforts and market growth.

Priscilla has lived in Utah for 22 years. In 2012 she founded Utah Accueil, a nonprofit organization member of the FIAFE group that supports francophone ex-pats coming to settle in Utah. The nonprofit’s objective is to help these newcomers feel at home with a welcoming community and an opportunity to become involved with the French culture in Utah. With her team, they won a STAFE grant to develop opportunities for French micro-entrepreneurs for the first time in Utah.

She is deeply committed to supporting organizations that value purpose and climate change. She leads a Green Drinks International chapter in Salt Lake City that fosters exchange, education, and networking for local sustainability.

As a dual citizen raising two children, she is passionate about creating awareness and visibility of French culture locally. Priscilla is excited to foster partnerships and opportunities with the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter, she loves to connect with people, and in her free time, you can find her hiking, ice skating, or skiing.

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