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“Making a difference in the world starts with investing in great products and business practices.” - Patrick Tcheunou


Bibamba Artisan Chocolate is a Denver-based, hand-crafted dark chocolate company producing award-winning single-origin chocolate from cocoa grown on the owners' family farm in Cameroon. Owners Patrick and Mara Tcheunou purchased their cacao farm in 2015 and use innovative farming techniques to grow cacao more sustainably than current industry standards.


They provide healthcare and fair wages to their farmworkers and offer educational opportunities to students in Cameroon. They never use child labor. Bibamba has a variety of dark chocolate products which are all certified Vegan and NonGMO.



Mara and Patrick Tcheunou 

Co-owners of BIBAMBA

Artisan Chocolatier

When we fell in love and started a family in 2013, we didn’t expect to be starting a global chocolate business just a few years later. But life has a way of surprising us in the best ways possible.

Bibamba has been an incredible way to connect our roots in America and Africa. Our business was built from the ground up—literally—when we purchased farmland in the Center province of Cameroon and planted cacao, plantain, and coffee seeds in 2015. Together we own and operate the farm, as well as a coffee farm in Cameroon’s Northwestern province.

Bibamba's first harvest came in early 2020. We partnered with local artisans in Colorado to learn the craft of chocolate-making and perfected three original recipes for dark chocolate bark. Patrick now leads production in our small commercial kitchen in Denver, where we transform our beans, plantain, and other all-natural ingredients into delicious, premium chocolate. 


Orange Spark Dark Chocolate Bark


Noir Classic Dark Chocolate Bark


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