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Julien Renaut

La Belle™ French Bakery Chef and Owner

Chef Julien Renaut is a French culinary expert with an inspiring journey. He began as a pastry enthusiast, earning degrees in pastry and chocolate. His diverse experiences led him from France to the United States, where he excelled as an Executive Pastry Chef, baker, and culinary leader. In 2016, he founded La Belle™ French Bakery, offering high-quality pastries to local businesses in Colorado.


Julien's commitment to authenticity and growth extended to mentoring young pastry chefs and his involvement in the French Chamber of Commerce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he successfully pivoted La Belle™ French Bakery to Retail sales in addition to Wholesale. He later became the President of the French Chamber of Commerce for a period of time, showcased his entrepreneurial acumen through real estate investments, and engaged in various culinary ventures.


Today, La Belle™ French Bakery is a thriving enterprise, serving more than 100 businesses in Colorado and boasting two successful retail locations, with more on the horizon.

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