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We believe in an eclectic yet approachable love for food. Our chefs draw from foundations in classic French and Italian cuisine, finding inspiration in seasonal and local ingredients that offer a modern twist to each dish. Our ever-changing menus reflect the efforts of our collaboration with unique purveyors, local farmers, and artisan producers.


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Peter Ryan & Josh Abro 
The Plimoth

Peter Ryan

Born and raised in the restaurant’s namesake, Chef Pete “pounded pans” on the East and West coasts for more than a dozen years. He’s been in Denver since 1999, when he joined the faculty at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, working closely under the tutelage of Chef Michael Comstedt, CEC, CCE. Chef Pete’s modern yet casual approach to classical French dishes has garnered the attention of his contemporaries. He earned a nomination for Rising Chef of the Year from Denver Magazine during his time as Chef at Z Cuisine, and has helped train some of Denver’s best cooks and culinary entrepreneurs as the Executive Chef Instructor at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts. There, Chef Pete helped shape the ever-changing face of culinary design, implementation and enhancement in kitchens throughout Denver. He credits his many adventures abroad for enhancing his appreciation and knowledge of regional food cookery and culinary arts.

Chef Peter Ryan Certifications

  • Chef de Cuisine, The American Culinary Federation

  • Certified Sommelier and Certified Chef of Wine Arts, International Wine Guild

  • International Sommelier Guild, Levels I and II

  • Foundations of Meat Fabrication, Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat

Josh Abro 

Executive Chef

Born and raised in western Massachusetts, Josh has found a natural home in this Boston rooted restaurant. Josh began his career by earning a degree in studio art and graphic design from Messiah University and spent his first decade of employment in a few creative roles as a designer. Soon his love of food and the hands-on quotidian tasks of the commercial kitchen called his name and he pursued a second degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales University. After honing his skills as a catering chef at the History Colorado Center and learning the finer techniques of French cooking through the guidance of Pete Ryan and his predecessor Chef Charles McDonald, Josh earned his role as executive chef of the plimoth. In this position, Josh utilizes all of his creative and technical training to bring Denver unique, local, and always seasonally inspired dishes. When he's not working hard to bring Denver a great meal, Josh spends his time golfing, riding his road bike, or exploring Colorado and the world with his family.


e saucisson rouge, heirloom bean ragout, walnut harvest toast, charred apple mostarda

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