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Fri, Jul 12


Fillmore Plaza

Bastille Day French Fest Fashion Show 2024

Join us for a front-row experience where you can admire the talent of our local fashion designers

Bastille Day French Fest Fashion Show 2024
Bastille Day French Fest Fashion Show 2024

Time & Location

Jul 12, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Fillmore Plaza, 105 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206, USA

Event Information


Fashion is a significant part of French culture, and we are thrilled to share this with the Colorado community through our free, open-to-all Bastille Day Fashion Show. In partnership with Fashion Denver and curated by the talented Brandi McMichael, who will also be emceeing the show, this event promises a memorable experience. Join us for a front-row experience where you can admire the talent of our local fashion designers as their models showcase French-inspired outfits. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the elegance and creativity of French fashion right here in Denver. Don’t miss out on this celebration of "LA MODE"!

The show will be followed by a set from Flyn, a local talented DJ.


Skye Barker Maa

Skye Barker Maa’s passion for fashion design is a consuming, reflexive journey where creativity and innovation intertwine. Drawing inspiration from icons like Gigi, Dior, and the timeless allure of Chic, Skye navigates a perpetual dance of balancing artistic expression with contemporary trends. Her designs, characterized by bold shapes, loud prints, and avant-garde asymmetric styles, embody a visionary approach to fashion that captivates and empowers.

Beyond the atelier, Skye embraces a fulfilling summer adventure as she accompanies her daughter to prestigious dance intensives across the globe. From the San Francisco Ballet to the Royal Ballet in London, she finds joy in supporting her daughter’s dreams, reinforcing a bond that intertwines familial love with the pursuit of artistic excellence.

IG: @skyeaire_official @factoryfashiondenver @skyebarkermaa

Adobe Darko

When reflecting on French fashion, Adobe Darko finds that “less is more” encapsulates its essence, appreciating the uniqueness of individual pieces over mass production. His passion for fashion design is driven by its ability to express diverse forms of beauty and presence, fostering a shared journey of exploration and creativity.

This summer, Adobe Darko embraces everyday adventures that inspire his creativity. Mornings are spent running in the park, energizing his mind and body. In the afternoons, he enjoys relaxing with his beloved cats, Maini and Millie, who bring joy and comfort to his creative process.

IG handle: @adobedarko

Casey Dubois

When Casey thinks of French fashion, the essence of Couture, trend-setting, and cool chic captures her imagination. Casey’s passion for fashion and styling stems from a deep appreciation for vintage aesthetics; she often feels like she belongs in the 1920s, 1960s, or 1970s. She admires functional yet beautiful fashion, with a keen eye for texture and creative design elements. This summer, Casey is embarking on an exciting adventure to savor the journey as much as the destination. Whether exploring new places or playing tourist in her own city, Casey feels equally at home in bustling metropolises and tranquil countryside settings. She’s looking forward to experiencing a bit of both this season, and any opportunity to visit a beach destination is always welcome.

IG handle: @honeytouche

Maggie Burns

Maggie Burns embodies chic, sophistication, and classic style with a deep passion for fashion inspired by the timeless elegance of French couture. She draws influence from iconic designers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, blending refinement with enduring allure.

Outside of fashion, Maggie eagerly anticipates the bridal season and plans scenic autumn leaf-peeping adventures through Southwestern Colorado and Santa Fe. She looks forward to Thanksgiving with her son’s family in Virginia, cherishing moments of togetherness amidst her stylish pursuits.

Maggie’s journey weaves timeless fashion with seasonal exploration and cherished family moments, creating a tapestry of elegance, adventure, and heartfelt connections.

IG handle:  @mariemargotcouture

Michelle Baldwin

When you think of French fashion, three words immediately come to mind for Michelle Baldwin: creative, sexy, and timeless. Michelle’s approach to fashion is nothing short of adventurous; each morning, she dives into her closet with enthusiasm, relishing the process of assembling the perfect outfit. Her passion for fashion design and styling shines through in her daily routine, where she embraces the art of dressing as a form of self-expression.

This summer promises to be an exciting adventure for Michelle. She and her friends plan to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the “Sleeping Beauties” exhibit and a fashion tour of the museum. In August, they will continue their fashion journey with a trip to Oklahoma to explore the Edith Head exhibit. Michelle’s love for fashion, combined with her zest for discovery, ensures that this summer will be filled with inspiration and style.

IG handle: VivienneVavoom

Brooks Luby

When Brooks Luby thinks of French fashion, simplicity, refined elegance, and neutral colors best capture its essence. Her passion for fashion design stems from the joy of working with rare textiles to craft one-of-a-kind garments. Each piece she creates reflects her commitment to quality over quantity, designed to be cherished for a lifetime in its perfect home. Brooks loves her work, finding immense fulfillment when the public embraces and understands her aesthetic.

This summer, after celebrating her latest birthday throughout June, Brooks plans to spend ample time in the fresh, clean air of the Colorado mountains. The enchanting scent of the woods and the serene beauty of nature provide her with creative and spiritual rejuvenation.

IG handle: @brooksltd

Jaelon (Jae) Wright

Wright is making waves as a model and designer, all while balancing the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood. His fresh perspective and innovative styling are setting him apart in the fashion industry.

Wright is new to designing, and an upcoming show will challenge him to step out of his comfort zone, presenting an exciting opportunity for his burgeoning career in modeling and fashion design.

IG handle: @jae_manifest

Glenn Joseph

Glenn Joseph is a Denver-based stylist known for his personal styling expertise and passion for vintage fashion. His motto, ‘You look good you feel good~’, reflects his approach to styling, encouraging individuals to ‘Ride your own wave 🌊’

IG handle: GlennJosephStyling


Brookstar, though not a professional model or stylist, is set to make a splash on the runway at the French Fest. His love for all things French is reflected in his personal style, which can be described with three words: classy, aesthetics, and fashion over function. Brookstar’s fashion preferences lean toward bright colors, clean lines, and fun party outfits. He draws inspiration from the vibrant 70s disco era, which influences his modern club outfits with a touch of retro flair.

This summer, Brookstar’s adventures extend beyond the fashion world. He plans to indulge in outdoor trips with wide-open vistas, swimming, and exploring coastal cities. With his eye for aesthetics and a love for exciting escapades, Brookstar is ready to embrace both style and adventure in equal measure.

Mona Lucero

“Est-ce un Mona que vous portez?” To translate to English, “ Is that a Mona you’re wearing?” This is a question Mona Lucero's customers often hear. Absolument! Yes, Denver designer Mona Lucero’s work is distinctive, perpetually delightful and unexpected.

Mona Lucero has a love for both fashion and art. Her work blends whimsy with elegance. For 31 years, she's translated this love into stunning garments, dressing fashionistas far beyond Denver with her distinctive vision.

She adores the multifaceted world of French fashion and she often draws inspiration from it. Mona’s atelier is located in the Baker neighborhood of Denver. It is a haven for her creative symbiosis, showcasing both her beautiful artwork and her exclusive designs.

You are invited to contact her for more information at

Devon Richardson

Coming soon

Coco Le Van

Coming soon


Brandi Shigley is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, emcee, speaker,a dreamer and a doer.​She is the Founder and CEO of Fashion Denver where she created a platform for the Denver fashion industry in 1999. Brandi launched her career as an international designer over 20 years ago, receiving accolades for her handbags which quickly became popular at boutiques in Paris, LA, NYC, and Denver.As she gained notoriety for her craft, Brandi's handbags were selected by the Paris Opera as gifts for performers and donors. Brandi has been an Emcee at numerous fashion shows and events in Denver and beyond.

Recognized as an expert, Brandi’s awards include, “Top Up and Comers of the Year” by 5280 Denver Magazine, “Top 40 Under 40 Business” by the Denver Business Journal, “Best Local Purse Designer” & “Mastermind Award”, by Westword Magazine for her efforts on behalf of the independent arts and design community, “Best of Designers” by San Diego Magazine, and as a Featured Designer by 303 Magazine.​Brandi believes each of us can make a positive impact in local communities and around the world. Combining her love of fashion with her passion for philanthropy, Brandi has coordinated annual clothing drives for shelters and Headshots for Charity for Warren Village.  Brandi has partnered with nonprofits as an Emcee for the Colorado AIDS project, and The Colorado Burn Center, Brandi served as Commissioner (term 2010-2012) for the City of Denver's Women's Commission formed to promote the social, economic and political quality of life for women. She currently serves on the board of The Lion Project, and gives back to her birth country of the Philippians through the Clean Water Project and supporting the orphanage she was adopted from through The Foundlings.​Brandi has been featured in ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN Money, WB, Huffington Post, Lucky Magazine, Medium, Denver Post, Westword, 303 Magazine, 5280, HerLife, iHeartRadio, Nikon's “I Am Your Creative Touch” campaign and she is a TEDx Speaker.

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