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Arizona City Series: Flagstaff on May 31st

The French American Chamber of Commerce’s 2nd Arizona Cities Series event in Flagstaff was a remarkable success, showcasing the city’s vibrant and diverse business landscape. Attendees embarked on a day-long journey exploring Flagstaff's unique trade, economic, and business ecosystem. The city impressed with its array of industries, from rural entrepreneurship to space initiatives, sustainability efforts, healthcare, biosciences, light manufacturing, digital projects, and tourism. Flagstaff's four-season climate and status as the world’s first international dark sky city added to its charm, providing a picturesque and inviting atmosphere for both business and leisure.

The event featured insightful business site visits to IML Containers, a French packaging manufacturer; Moonshot, an innovation-driven startup incubator; and Genterra Enterprises, Northern Arizona Technology Park’s master developer. These visits highlighted Flagstaff’s spirit of collaboration and growth, offering a glimpse into its promising future for potential business expansions. The day also celebrated the robust educational resources from Northern Arizona University, which contribute skilled graduates and a strong internship program to the local economy. 

Heartfelt thanks to all participants, particularly Board Secretary Nathalie Potvin, for organizing and ensuring a seamless experience. 

Consider joining us as we foster business cooperation in our beautiful state of Arizona! Become a member here.

For more information on memberships, please reach out to our RMFACC Board Directors in Arizona:

Flora Tromelin -

Christine Bilange -

Nathalie Potvin -

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