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Axis International Academy Receives Prestigious LABEL FRANCÉDUCATION: A Triumph in Bilingual Education

Last month, the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain, represented by Executive Director Emma Glass, celebrated a significant achievement by one of its members, AXIS International Academy.

This charter school, located in Fort Collins, proudly received the esteemed Label Francéducation from the French Government, highlighting its dedication to providing excellent French bilingual education.

The Label Francéducation is a prestigious acknowledgment given to schools worldwide that demonstrate outstanding standards in offering a rigorous French academic curriculum alongside a vibrant French-speaking environment. It serves as a mark of distinction for institutions committed to promoting French language and culture globally.

At AXIS International Academy, this recognition reflects years of dedication and hard work by the leadership, represented by Jenny Whitaker, Head of School, and the French teaching team, with Elsa Martin taking the stage. Their steadfast commitment to providing students with a comprehensive French academic path and fostering a rich French-speaking atmosphere has truly set the school apart.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests such as Dimitri Demanienko, Deputy Consul General of France, and Benoit Labat, Higher Education and French Language Attaché, and featured virtual congratulations from notable figures ranging from Governor Jared Polis to Mayor Jenny Arndt of Fort Collins. AXIS International Academy's French students showcased their talents through performances, highlighting the linguistic and cultural diversity embedded within the school's curriculum.

With French being one of the official languages in 29 countries worldwide, the recognition of AXIS International Academy's French program holds significant importance. It not only opens doors to opportunities for students in French-speaking nations but also underscores the school's commitment to preparing students for success in a globalized world.

As AXIS International Academy continues its journey, the Label Francéducation serves as a symbol of the school's unwavering dedication to providing exceptional bilingual education.

Congratulations to AXIS International Academy on this well-deserved honor, and applause to the entire school community for their collective efforts in promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in education!

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