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Denver Sister Cities International Brest Tour

The Jazz Exchange Program through Denver Sister Cities International Brest committee has selected Purnell Steen & the Five Points Ambassadors to travel to Brest, France to share the story of Five Points and play the music that has been one of many connections to our sister city since 1948.

Support the September 2022 Blues, Blanc et Rouge tour. Donate, and be part of the history of Five Points through jazz, art, and education.

TO DONATE: visit GoFundMe at or contact Denver Sister Cities International at

Additional information:

Purnell Steen and the Five Points Ambassadors will perform two concerts in Brest, France and premier the film "The Longest Walk" which chronicles the incredible life of the legendary Charlie Burrell, who desegregated Classical Music here in Denver in 1949. This will be a World Premiere Event. Charlie Burrell is the last living musician who played at the celebrated Rossonian Lounge during its heyday.

Purnell Steen, Five Points native and musician, cousin of Charlie Burrell, will lead a lecture along with other Five Points legends, LeRoy O. Smith son of Leroy Smith (business man and concert promoter during Five Points jazz heyday) and George Morrison Bailey, the grandson of George Morrison Sr. (the most famous jazz musician from Denver in the early days of jazz)

RiNo Art District will send two mural artists who will paint a mural on multiple walls in the City of Brest part of the Mural Art Program, which sent two artists from Brest to Denver to paint a mural in April 2022.

We will honor and commemorate the liberation of Brest in September 1944 WWII when the allied forces including Denver Fighter Pilots helped push the enemy forces out of the city. The city was nearly completely destroyed and Denver school children raised $32,000 to help rebuild a children's wellness center in Brest. We will join the City of Brest and veterans from the war to travel to different monuments and commemorate this.

Most of all, we will document this delegation to share the story of Five Points with the world and promote Denver as a destination through cultural exchange and sister city friendship.

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