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Global Village Academy - New Small Business Member


RMFACC is delighted to announce Global Village Academy Douglas County, as one of its new members.



Global Village Academy is a tuition-free, public international charter school open to all students. They offer a FREE French - English bilingual education from Kindergarten to 8th Grade with up to 50% of courses in French.

Global Village Academies are innovative language immersion charter schools with campuses in Aurora (K-8), Thornton (K-8) and Douglas County (K-5). Students learn core content and a second language through English and language immersion instruction at least one-half of the school day in their choice of Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian or French.

GVA is truly a Global Village: Our teachers come from all over the world, each bringing their unique culture and language into the classroom. United by a common, internationally benchmarked curriculum spanning each language village, students are challenged to become world-class thinkers, capable of engaging ideas using multiple languages and cross-cultural perspectives.

GVA accepts Intents to Enroll year-round. Students are admitted on a first-come-first-served basis, except for siblings and children of employees, who are given preference*.

Global Village Academy has a diverse student population and staff, with native-speaking teachers coming from all over the world. Students learn core content in English and their second language. GVA has smaller class sizes and an active and engaged parent community. Along with rigorous academics, students participate in International Day celebrations, speech festivals, and cultural performances.

BENEFITS & LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE Learning Language Through Immersion Immersion is the method by which we all learn our native language. As infants, we are surrounded by people speaking a specific language, like we are surround by the air we breathe, and we learn our first language rapidly and with ease. Immersion education in a second language takes the same approach. At Global Village Academy, students spend their day immersed in a second language as they use their natural ability to learn the new language. Learning a second language in this way when young is much easier than learning it later in life. Benefits of learning a second language Academic achievement levels of children educated in a second language using an immersion program often surpass those of children educated solely in English.

  • Learning a second language when young enables a language-learning part of the brain to mature and then to facilitate other language learning throughout life.

  • The exposure to multiple languages and cultures creates a learning environment that is engaging, challenging, exciting, and one that children thoroughly enjoy.

  • Children who were adopted internationally or who have extended family who speak a different language are able to learn the second language and stay connected with that culture and with role models from that culture.

  • Learning a language in elementary school enables the student to speak without a “foreign” accent, like a native speaker.

Our world is becoming more global and interdependent, and there will be increased demand for people who can understand other cultures and communicate with people in other languages.


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