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Jeannot's Patisserie & Bistro - New Small Business Member


RMFACC is delighted to announce

as one of its new members.



Jeannot’s Patisserie and Bistro is a place where French tradition, culture, flavor and quality meet together, bringing about a beautiful experience in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Food is an art, a passion, an experience, a time to share with loved ones and (at Jeannot’s Patisserie & Bistro) a place you can experience traveling all around France without leaving beautiful Colorado.

Jeannot's is actually a French Patisserie and Bistro. They will soon become a Wine Bar with Apero Style.
They do everything from scratch, serving freshly baked Classic French food. Their goal is to bring the French community together with their Traditionals Food items and Celebrations Events (like Galette des Rois, Buche de Noel...).

Bon Appetit!


Raised in France, in Provence, where a bakery is at every corner of the city. Julien waited in the front of a bakery to take the school bus from the age of 10 until he was 14 years old. Being in admiration with the beautiful breakfast pastries and the delicious smell, this is where he decided to become a chef.

At the age of 14, he started at a culinary school in Nice, he learned every aspect of the food industry, from being a server, sommelier, a chef, dishwasher…. and everything in-between. He received his bachelor's degree with European mention and and became specialized in the pastry world.

Julien worked in very well-known and respected restaurants in France, Germany, London, Canada, and then in France again, all before his 20th birthday. By this time, at the age of 20, he had become an executive pastry chef in a Michelin star restaurant.

Jeannot continued to follow his dream and moved to Las Vegas where he was present at the opening of Aria, and working under a multi-world rewarded french pastry chef on the management team, supervising over 120 pastry cooks in the department.

Julien then took a position as an executive pastry chef in California, where the business grew from 2 locations to 7 in the 7 years that he worked there.
Most recently (and prior to opening Jeannot’s Patisserie & Bistro), Julien worked as the executive pastry chef at The Mediterranean group in Boulder.

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