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My Trip to France- New Small Business Member

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

My Trip To France is a young company created at the beginning of 2023 by Marie and Manu,

a French couple who have been living in Denver for 2 years.

Manu and Marie are travelers, educators, and entrepreneurs, and launched this company with the aim of helping children ages 7 to 12 travel to France and in the United States. At My trip To France, their philosophy is to provide an immersive cultural experience for children to learn and appreciate the history, language and way of life in France. They also seek to foster independence, self-confidence and a sense of adventure in children through activities such as hiking, camping, cooking and exploring local sites.

During each school break, My Trip To France organizes itinerant stays in France of 8 to 10 days with 6 to 8 children maximum and 2 supervising adults. The destinations vary according to the time of year; Châteaux de la Loire, Côte d'Azur, South West of France, the Alps, and of course Paris are part of the destinations offered.

My Trip To France also offers a "My Trip in French" version departing from Denver and bound for Yellowstone for the month of August 2023. During this trip, 6 to 8 children will discover the oldest of the American national parks for a week. Camping, hiking and animal observation will be on the itinerary for this adventure, all in French and supervised by 2 adults who are native French speakers.

For more information about My trip To France, feel free to visit their website,

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