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Relax Differently With New Small Business Member Oakwell Beer Spa

Updated: Nov 27

Forget everything you thought you knew about spas and salons; Oakwell Beer Spa is here to redefine the concept of relaxation with its unique and refreshing approach to self-care.

Founded by the dynamic husband and wife team, Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui, this modern urban oasis in Denver is not just a spa – it's a haven for those seeking a unique and refreshing experience.

The journey of Oakwell began after Jessica and Damien met while both living in New York City. Shortly after meeting, both Jessica and Damien knew they were destined to be together personally and professionally. Oakwell is a product of months of travel, laughter, and research.

The French-American couple are proud of the hard work and brainstorming that evolved into their modern, urban oasis. A result of a 14-month and 25-country journey, Oakwell Beer Spa seamlessly blends the elements of a day spa with a craft beer taproom, creating an unparalleled space for relaxation.

Proudly boasting beer-inspired spa services, Oakwell invites guests to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience while sipping on their favorite craft beverages, with non-alcoholic options available as well.

Relaxation and enjoyment are at the core of Oakwell's beliefs, making it an ideal retreat for those wanting to unwind after a workday, anyone seeking a vacation escape, or someone planning a delightful date night.

Whether you're dropping in for a casual drink or planning to spend the entire afternoon, Oakwell Beer Spa guarantees an experience that sets it apart as one of the finest day spas in Denver.

It's time to relax differently and savor beer-inspired spa treatments in a setting where every moment is crafted for your utmost enjoyment.

Book your next appointment with Oakwell and discover a new type of spa experience!

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