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Unveiling Creativity: Meet Cha, a French Artist Featured at the Denver Art Museum's Dream Studio, Offering an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at her Creative Process

Cha is an artist born and raised in the South of France.

At the age of 16 she found herself moving with her family to another country, immersing herself into the explosive art scene in one of the fastest growing art capitals of the world, Miami, FL.

Cha now lives in the beautiful city of Denver, CO where she has started her career as a full-time artist.

Given the name Chachocolacho as a child, she began to express her creativity, giving birth to a unique character, and the evolution of what we now know as "Chacho."

Gathering inspiration from her imagination, her dreams and the world around her, Cha decided to push the boundaries of subjective art by dismissing conventional shapes, colors, expressions, and experiences.

Cha is currently building a universe for her Chachos to live in, turning her paintings into 3D sculptures. 

Cha's work will be showcased at the Dream Studio from May 17th until June 11th.

Her Demo dates are May 18 & 19 and May 25 & 26 from 12pm to 3pm.

About the Dream Studio:

Dream Studio at the Denver Art Museum link:

Cha will soon be painting a mural in the RiNo Art Districts on The Farm & Market restaurant. A restaurant that specializes in hydroponic growing methods. 

See Here is a render of what it will look like (see last photo)

Cha's info:

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