Privacy and Confidentiality

Identity of the controller
46 Avenue of the Grande Armée
CS 50071
75858 Paris Cedex 17

Represented by Pascal Ameline in his capacity as General Delegate.

For any question or request concerning your personal data and respect for your privacy, please contact us at the following address:

What types of data do we collect and why?
The data you give us
Account Creation Form in the private area:

Email: Your email address will be your login to access your private-space. In addition to this, it will allow us to contact you or send you our newsletter if you have expressed the wish to receive it. Indeed, we will solicit you by email only if you have given us your agreement. For example by subscribing to our newsletter.

Civility, Name / Surname, Country, Current Function: This information allows us to know a little more about you and to prepare personalized communications. In the form, these fields are not required to create a private space. You are therefore free not to inform them if you do not wish.

Profile modification form on the private area:

Spoken languages: This information allows us to know in which language we must communicate our emails.

Sectors & Interests: This information allows us to know your areas of interest to send you sector newsletters tailored to your daily problems and likely to meet your needs. We will send you these sector newsletters only if you subscribe to them.

Photo: The ability to upload a photo is a feature only for members of the room if they want to appear in the member directory as a contact, and if they wish to participate in the matching platform.

Application and CV form:

The data you fill out in this form may be sent to companies in the event that your profile meets their needs.

Professional status: This status allows us to evaluate your availability if we have suitable offers for your profile in companies in urgent need.

Your background, mastered software, CV: This information allows us to determine if your professional experiences are in line with the offers offered by companies in our network.

Your current salary, minimum and maximum wanted: This information will allow the company interested in your profile to determine if it can align with your salary requirements; This field is not obligatory, you are free not to inform it.

The job you are looking for: This information is essential for us to match your profile with the needs of the companies in our network.

Registration form for an event:

Name, Surname, Civility: This information allows us to compile our registration list for the event.

Email: Your email allows us to communicate the different information about the event. For example your registration confirmation, reminders, a report of the event or a satisfaction questionnaire.

Name of your company, function: This information allows us to know more about your profile and why you are interested in our event. In addition it is possible that certain events are reserved for a specific category of people, or addressed to a particular sector.

The data we collect from your journey on our site
We collect data about your journey on our website, this data allows us to optimize our content and improve your user experience. The recovered data is all anonymous and global, we do not get an IP address. They are obtained thanks to cookies that are deposited in your browser upon your arrival on our site.

To know more about the cookies deposited during a visit on our site, you can follow this link.

If you want to delete the cookies stored on your device and set your browser to refuse cookies, you can do so via the preferences of your internet browser. These navigation options for cookies are usually found in the "Options", "Tools" or "Preferences" menus.

Please note that if you disable the recording of cookies on your device, some parts and features of the website may not work properly.

To know more you can follow the referenced links below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
These data allow us to know more about the course of the users on our site and no

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