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It's Italian for "moment". 
Denver's Italian Winery


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Jon Schlegel



Jon Schlegel founded Snooze an A.M Eatery with the motto, "It only takes a moment to make a difference." Once he completed his first dream of opening a restaurant by age 30, it was time to move onto dream number two: living abroad before he was 40. He moved to Monforte d'Alba in Piedmont, Italy with his family in 2013, settling on the Ginestra hill and purchasing their own small Barolo vineyard. In Italy, Jon spent his days working and learning in the vineyards and wineries from producers whose families have been making wine in the region for generations. After returning to his native home of Denver, he wanted to bring a piece of Italy back with him. Hence, Attimo was born.


He chose the name Attimo, which means "moment" in Italian, for many reasons. The main inspiration came from the giant red bench that overlooks the medieval city of Monforte. Perched on an oversized bench looking at a beautiful city with so much history and so much culture, you can't help but stop and pause to just soak in the moment, il attimo. 


We are fortunate to enjoy a great glass of wine in many of the special moments life brings us. A little bit of bubbly to celebrate, an incredible bottle of Barolo to celebrate the holidays, or a glass of Dolcetto to enjoy a peaceful moment at home. With Attimo, we want to share each special moment of everyday life in Italy here in Colorado. 

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