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3 Days, Endless Fun:
Bastille Day French Fest Program

July 12, 13, & 14  - 2024

Fillmore Plaza - Cherry Creek



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Book your VIP tickets for an epicurean voyage with Amandine Chatelier.
Enjoy a bespoke French wine and gastronomy tasting led by French Master Sommelier Amandine Chatelier!
Limited tickets available.


Sessions available every day of the festival at 3pm and 5pm on July 12th, 13th and 14th

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The Artists & Performers

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DJ Flyn

FLYN, a rising electronic music producer and DJ based Denver, Colorado, has quickly earned recognition within the local music scene. With appearances at venues like Larimer Lounge, Beacon, 1134 Broadway, and Bar Standard, FLYN's infectious sound is leaving a lasting impression.
Inspired by his world travels and the culture bridging experiences of shared dance floors, FLYN blends luminous synthscapes, organic percussion, and driving basslines with touches of guitar and other earthly tones. The result is an inviting fusion that beckons listeners to both move and reflect.


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DJ Terry Rose

An exceptionally versatile French-American talent with a musical journey that spans years and crosses continents. Originating from the vibrant city of Paris and making stops in Toronto before settling in Denver, Terry's exposure to diverse music scenes has shaped his adaptability, allowing him to effortlessly traverse genres from laid-back lounge vibes and French electro to high-energy tribal beats.

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Jazz Manouche

Gypsy Jazz jam session: This festive occasion is focused on the repertoire of the legendary Django Reinhardt (1910-1953), a towering figure in guitar and jazz history. Together with violinist Stephane Grappelli, Reinhardt created a singular musical genre at the intersection of traditional music from the Roma people and American swing music. This jam showcases prominent musicians from the Denver jazz / gypsy jazz scene, such as Michael Isabel (, James Nichols, Ken Kuo, Steven Garcia, Sarah Burger, Charlie Larimer, Kevin Laxar and more. Performed with acoustic guitars, violins, accordion, mandolin and bass, this swing music is upbeat and exhilarating. 


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Maria Maria

Maria is a renown diva in our local cities of Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Growing up in Geneva, Switzerland along with having an American and Ecuadorian family heritage, the nature of Maria’s compositions and preferred musical styles to perform are multicultural and multi-lingual which offer a unique richness of spice and flavor to each rendition she unveils for her auditors. The sounds you will hear while listening to Maria’s voice will transport you to different parts of the world in a matter of minutes, whether it be to Paris, New York, Rio, or Spain. This is the ambiance she consistently and intimately reveals wherever she goes. Living her childhood dream since 2010 as vocalist for her International Piano Bar project, she is a composer of many songs, including salsas, cha chas, boleros, ballads in her fluent languages of French, Spanish, and English. Discover the raw and the rare in Maria Maria, you won’t regret it.

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Nicolas Mbog

Nicolas Mbog is a personal trainer, expert in fitness & nutrition, specialized in physical transformation. Endowed with extreme dedication to help people, he has been a coach for more than 16 years. Traveling between France and the USA, he changes the lives of his students by guiding them towards well-being with his innate smile and optimism.


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Nicolas Busquet

Nicolas Busquet trio, Guitar & vocals, Accordion, upright bass.

This small formation proposes interpretations of classic French songs from Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Alain Souchon, Noir Desir and more. Borrowing from gypsy jazz, swing music, musette and folk/rock, the interplay between accordion (Robert Kerley), acoustic guitar (Nicolas Busquet) and upright bass (Chris Ringwood) produces a warm organic sound that appeals to a large audience beyond those familiar with the original repertoire.


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Music 4 Humans

Louis-Pier Racicot believes in the transformative power of music. As an accomplished violinist and passionate music educator, he is dedicated to
making music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With extensive global experience, including performances in the breathtaking Cavalia
Odysseo, crafted by the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil, he also holds a place in the prestigious Cirque du Soleil Artist Bank.
Louis-Pier founded Music 4 Humans with a clear vision: to create an innovative online music school offering diverse lessons, from violin and piano to
guitar and vocal coaching. His rich cultural background allows him to connect with a wide range of students, bringing a unique, global perspective
to his teaching.
In Denver, Colorado, he inspires students through after-school programs and summer camps. Known for his engaging teaching style, Louis-Pier
fosters a love of music in every learner, emphasizing cultural understanding and appreciation through music.
Personal Note from Louis-Pier Racicot
Music is a profound force for unity and connection.
Throughout my travels and performances across the globe, I've witnessed firsthand how music can bridge cultural divides.
With a foundation in classical violin and a spirit driven by innovation, I founded Music 4 Humans to create a community where music transcends
mere learning—it becomes a dynamic journey of cultural discovery and personal growth.
It's my mission to cultivate an environment where every musical note fosters connection and every melody celebrates the richness of diversity.


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Sara Chaplin

Owner and Founder,  Sara Chaplin's journey into yoga began soon after college, and from the start, it deeply resonated with her. The practice addressed a longing within, providing a supportive haven to release tension, alleviate stress, and reconnect with her authentic self. Since 2004, Sara has immersed herself in an ongoing exploration of both the physical and philosophical dimensions of yoga. Stepping onto the mat, Sara infuses her practice with a delightful mix of lightheartedness and playfulness. Her aim is to cultivate a welcoming space where practitioners can relax, allowing the practice to transcend mere physical movement and become a conduit for embracing the present moment. Always an eager learner, Sara approaches each class with curiosity, seeking new insights and personal growth.

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Brandi McMichael

Founder of Fashion Denver

Marketing & Communications at The lion project

Executive Producer at Creative Mornings Denver

Brandi Shigley is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, emcee, speaker,

a dreamer and a doer.

She is the Founder and CEO of Fashion Denver where she created a platform for the Denver fashion industry in 1999. Brandi launched her career as an international designer over 20 years ago, receiving accolades for her handbags which quickly became popular at boutiques in Paris, LA, NYC, and Denver.


As she gained notoriety for her craft, Brandi's handbags were selected by the Paris Opera as gifts for performers and donors. Brandi has been an Emcee at numerous fashion shows and events in Denver and beyond. 

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Alliance & Co

L'Alliance & Co, the theater extension of the Denver Alliance Française has been performing live French and bilingual plays since 1978.

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Bastille Day French Fest Events

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