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French Teacher in K

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International School of Arizona



Scottsdale, AZ, USA


The International School of Arizona offers French & Spanish language immersion programs that begin at 18 months and continue through 8th grade.

We have a 24-year history in Arizona, and an evolving, adaptive, and culturally inclusive curriculum.

Our three schools at ISA are the Early Childhood School (Pre K 1- Pre K 4), the Lower School (Kindergarten – grade 5), and the Middle School (grades 6-8). Each school offers small class sizes and two immersion language tracks: French and Spanish.

Our community is made up of diverse yet, like-minded, multicultural parents who demand high academic standards and understand that the great gift of language leads to academic excellence.

Discover how you can give your child the life-long gifts of a second language, and the skills he or she will need to successfully navigate our rapidly changing world.


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