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A Night of Networking, Camaraderie, and Collaboration at our August After-Work Networking Event

As the sun dipped behind the stunning Denver skyline, our event unfolded into a night of connections, discussions, and memorable moments that extended well beyond our anticipated end time.

The August event was a testament to the vibrant business community here in the Rocky Mountain region. We were delighted to see a remarkable turnout, with professionals from various industries converging to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections. The energy in the air was palpable, and it was heartening to witness the enthusiastic engagement that unfolded.

In a delightful twist, the event's spirited conversations and networking activities carried on well past the initially scheduled end time of 8pm. As the evening evolved, it became clear that the bonds being formed and the conversations being had were too valuable to cut short. This organic extension truly underscored the power of networking and the shared passion for fostering robust business relationships.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed collaborators, Denver Sister Cities, for their integral role in making this event a triumph. Their partnership added an extra layer of significance, amplifying the networking potential and enhancing the overall experience for all attendees. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with other non-profit organizations in the Denver area.

A special note of appreciation goes out to Improper City for generously providing us with a portion of their inviting patio for our event. If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting, Improper City is a sprawling taproom and coffee bar that truly stands as a must-visit destination in the Rino Art District. We're grateful for their support and are excited to introduce you to their vibrant space.

Under the beauty of the Denver-Brest wall art mural, our networking event achieved an added layer of creativity and culture. This mural, a collaborative masterpiece, is a product of the talents of Denver artists Anna Charney Art and Mike Graves, as well as French artists from Brest, France, Wen2 and WORM. This stunning creation stands as a testament to the boundless power of collaboration across borders.

Our commitment to nurturing a dynamic community of professionals remains unwavering. Keep an eye out for our upcoming networking after-work events, each set in unique locations that promise engaging conversations and the chance to expand your horizons.

Are you ready to step into a world of endless possibilities, connections, and growth? We invite you to be part of our upcoming networking after-work events, where you'll find the perfect blend of business and camaraderie.

For an in-depth look at the unforgettable August event, check out our photo gallery:

If you have any photos from the event that you'd like to share and add to the album, email us at

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