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Babolat: 150 Years of Sporting Excellence

Welcome to the world of Babolat, a family-driven legacy that has shaped the racquet sports landscape for almost 150 years. Rooted in Lyon, France, since its inception in 1875, Babolat stands as the oldest international brand specializing in Tennis, Badminton, and Padel.

The Babolat journey is a testament to the family's unwavering commitment to excellence. With tenacity in their genes, they navigate challenges, push limits, and persist, making victories not just theirs but also yours. Driven by consistency and determination, Babolat embraces the craziest challenges with a spirit that makes triumphs extraordinary.

Determination to always learn, understand, and stay open-minded defines Babolat's approach. The belief that knowledge empowers change and curiosity leads to self-improvement fuels their quest for innovation.

Founded in Lyon, Babolat emerged as a racquet sports pioneer in 1875. With almost 150 years of experience and keen observation of play, the brand's expertise extends from the courtside to the side of players. This rich history enables Babolat to adapt and excel across its entire product line.
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In 1875, Babolat revolutionized the game by inventing the first tennis and badminton strings made of natural animal gut. Since then, Babolat's history and the evolution of racquet sports have been intricately intertwined.

Babolat's secret to performance creation lies in staying close to the game and its players. Through a global network with clubs, tournaments, academies, coaches, and players, Babolat maintains a pulse on the court, ensuring they evolve, advance, and progress in sync with the changing dynamics of the game.

In the world of sports, raising the bar is a constant endeavor. Babolat, synonymous with innovation, consistently strives to enhance players' performance and pleasure. Embedded in the brand's DNA is a culture of partnership, collaborating with entities like Michelin for shoes, the aerospace industry for racquet frame performance, Wimbledon as the official supplier, and Club Med for a fun sports approach.

As Babolat celebrates its 150-year legacy, the brand continues to be a benchmark in each of its sports. From the invention of natural gut strings to pioneering partnerships, Babolat's journey is a saga of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every player's game is not just played but elevated to new heights. Cheers to 150 years of Babolat, where tradition meets cutting-edge performance in the world of racquet sports!

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