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Bibamba Artisan Chocolate Opens New Boutique

Nestled within the bustling Edgewater Public Market, Bibamba Chocolate stands as a boutique devoted to premium, handcrafted chocolate. Established by Patrick and Mara Tcheunou, Bibamba represents more than just chocolate—it embodies their love and dedication to positive change.


The name "Bibamba," derived from Lingala and meaning "patch," symbolizes a connection between cultures and a commitment to improvement. Inside the boutique, patrons will find a tempting assortment of chocolate delights, including the signature bark and indulgent hot chocolate. And, in an exciting collaboration, Bibamba has partnered with Emily Madeline Chocolates to create exquisite bonbons, each a masterpiece of flavor and craftsmanship.


The Edgewater space also serves as a production hub, signaling a new era for Bibamba. During RMFACC’s February Afterwork Networking event, Bibamba owners Patrick and Mara greeted networking attendees for an exclusive tour of the new Edgewater boutique, providing RMFACC visitors special access to the production space and equipment, dedicated time for discussion with Patrick and Mara, and special pricing on products - including newly created bonbons by Emily Madeline Chocolates + Bibamba Chocolate. February’s Afterwork Networking event was by far the ‘sweetest’ networking event of the year! A big merci to Patrick and Mara for their generosity, kindness, and time in welcoming RMFACC guests with such hospitality. 


Bibamba's mission extends beyond chocolate. With a steadfast dedication to ethical practices, the company supports employees and communities through educational opportunities, sustainable farming initiatives, and fair wages and healthcare for farmers. Their products, crafted with clean, ethical ingredients, empower consumers to indulge with a clear conscience.


Join Bibamba on this journey of love, empowerment, and delicious chocolate. With each bite, patrons contribute to a sweeter, more compassionate world. Bibamba products are now sold in over 60 independent shops and stores throughout Colorado, as well as at farmers markets, holiday markets, and online at

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