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Celebrating the Official Launch: RMFACC - Arizona Chapter

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

For over two decades, the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMFACC) has been a driving force in the dynamic world of French and American business. Established in Colorado in 1997, RMFACC has been at the forefront of fostering robust economic ties. With its deep regional expertise spanning industries such as agriculture and food, finance, services, and technology, Colorado stands as the epicenter of business development in the Rocky Mountain region.

In April of 2022, the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter expanded its influence by officially launching its Utah Chamber, expanding its presence and impact in the Rocky Mountain region. After a successful year and substantial growth in Utah and Colorado, the RMFACC team felt ready to take on more growth. Their next plan of action: expanding and supporting Arizona.

With an annual trade volume of almost $1.3 billion in goods and services between France and Arizona, and French companies playing a significant role, contributing to nearly 8% of the state's job market, RMFACC felt confident in its decision to expand into Arizona.

Following the support of Consulate General Julie Dehaut-Bedos and Honorary Consulate Nathan J. Fidel, the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chamber was able to successfully begin its expansion into Arizona state.

In April 2023 Board President Victor Ducoulombier began diligently searching for a Board candidate who would be devoted to the French American community of Arizona and knowledgeable in French and Arizona economic and business affairs. Shortly after he began his search, Victor met Flora Tromelin. Once appointed by the Board, Flora took on her role wholeheartedly and with full force. Flora spearheaded RMFACC’s presence in Arizona, and immediately boosted trade between Arizona and France.

On September 12th 2023, sponsors, co-hosts, and esteemed guests gathered to mark this historic milestone and celebrate this momentous occasion. Arizona Representative Justin Wilmeth, Chair of the Arizona House Commerce Committee joined and provided his support keynote remarks during the evening.

Executive Director Emma Glass and Board Vice President Benjamin Grajzgrund flew from Colorado to Arizona to join the celebration and welcome the Arizona Chamber to the RMFACC family.

Victor Ducoulombier shared his enthusiasm for this exciting venture, stating, "The RMFACC takes great pride in the opening of Arizona, as it marks a significant milestone for us. The vast opportunities that lie ahead in fostering trade between the USA and France fill us with excitement. As we embark on this journey, we have no doubt that the partnership between the USA and France will bring mutual success and achievements."

This event would not have been possible without the support of RMFACC’s community of supporters, sponsors, donors, members, co-hosts, hosts, and colleagues.

RMFACC expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all who helped make this launch possible, including the Arizona Commerce Authority and Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Business France, Evian, the Republic National Distributing Company, Mool, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Steadfast Law for their invaluable contributions to the launch event.

RMFACC would also like to thank Italian American Chamber of Commerce colleagues Pete Melucci et Massimo Sommacampagna, German American Chamber of Commerce colleagues Dieter Bollmann et Jesse Young, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce colleagues Eric Walberg et Joacim Mattisson for their continued support.

Behind every successful venture, there are dedicated individuals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Alongside Board Director- Arizona Flora Tromelin, RMFACC is privileged to have Arizona Advisory Committee Members Christine Bilange, Yves Huin, Marie Biole, Marie-Pierre Desaulniers, Arnaud Lavigne, Fleur Ronzier, Charlotte Simunek, Dessislava Sokolova, and Nathalie Potvin assisting the RMFACC in forging strategic partnerships, nurturing valuable relationships, and tapping into additional resources and expertise.

The official launch of the RMFACC Arizona Chapter is an achievement not only for the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter but also for French and American businesses in the entire Rocky Mountain region.

Reaching new communities, connecting with new peers, and tapping into new resources opens the RMFACC community to new possibilities individually and collectively.

In parallel, RMFACC has also added new services and revamped its already-existing offered services, ensuring RMFACC members are supported in whatever their professional or personal needs may be.

RMFACC's multi-state presence fosters an extensive network for communication and collaboration across various industries and regions, through a robust support system of diverse talent and innovative peers. Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from support requests from their RMFACC community. This enables members to share their knowledge and expertise with fellow RMFACC members, regardless of their location within the Rocky Mountain region, or their specific needs.

Adding Arizona 's strong annual trade volume ($1.3 billion in goods and services) complements both Utah's and Colorado's strong trade relationship with France. Both Utah and Colorado engage in annual exchanges totaling around half a billion dollars in goods and services, with French French enterprises contribute significantly to job creation in these regions. In Colorado, French firms account for nearly 8% of the job market, and this figure rises to over 10% in Utah.

Furthermore, the Rocky Mountain region's appeal to startups and technology companies persists, reaffirming its stature as a highly sought-after destination for individuals and families seeking an ideal place to reside.

With a well-established community of French businesses in the Rocky Mountain region spanning various industries, RMFACC is certain development will continue to flourish between French and American businesses in the area. We take pride in our commitment to bolstering the ongoing growth of bilateral trade between these two entities and we offer our unwavering support for these initiatives.

If you share our vision of fostering French-American business ties and are interested in becoming a member of the French American Chamber of Commerce, please visit our membership page. Your involvement can be the catalyst for further growth and success in the dynamic landscape of French and American business collaboration.

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