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Bienvenue to the Arizona Advisory Committee

The French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter is experiencing continuous growth and expansion.

As the French American Chamber of Commerce Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMFACC) strives to innovate and support economic and commercial relationships between France and the US, we are excited to announce the establishment of the Arizona Advisory Committee.

Covering five states in the Rocky Mountain region, namely Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, our chapter aims to promote and facilitate business connections between these regions.

The Arizona Advisory Committee comprises a specialized group of experts who provide invaluable guidance, recommendations, and expertise to support the decision-making processes of the board.

Board Director Arizona representative shared her excitement of this new development. "I am very pleased to serve as the Arizona representative for the RMFACC Board and I look forward to in-depth, thoughtful, and impactful discussions with each and every valuable member of the Arizona Advisory Committee."

Members of Arizona Committee possess extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in specific areas that are highly relevant to the operations and strategic goals of the RMFACC. Their insights and expertise will aid the Board in making informed decisions.

Moreover, the Arizona Advisory Committee Members bring not only their extensive knowledge and expertise but also their vast networks and connections in relevant industries or sectors. Each committee member plays a vital role in assisting the RMFACC in establishing strategic partnerships, fostering valuable relationships, and accessing additional resources or expertise.

We are thrilled to welcome these exceptional individuals to our organization, and we are confident that their contributions will further strengthen the RMFACC and its mission of fostering economic and commercial ties between France and the US.

To learn more about the Arizona Advisory Committee, visit our Arizona Advisory Committee page. To learn more about the importance of Arizona in the US and French economy, visit our Bienvenue in Arizona page.

Interested in joining the Arizona Advisory Committee, or getting involved in your Arizona community? Contact Arizona representative Flora Tromelin at

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