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Delphine Carlile | 8Z Real Estate - New Small Business Member


RMFACC is delighted to announce Delphine Carlile from 8Z Real Estate, as one of its new members.



Delphine was born and raised in Paris, France. She first came to Denver two decades ago as an Exchange Student and fell in love with Colorado. Since then, Delphine has lived in Denver, Englewood, Glendale, Northglenn, and Broomfield, before settling in Bradburn Village in Westminster with her husband, Brett, and their two sons. As a non-native, she feels immensely fortunate to have landed in such an amazing state and community.

Though Delphine wasn’t always a REALTOR, she has had a passion for real estate from the beginning. Friends and family would reach out to her in their relocation searches before she was ever licensed to do it officially, which would continue firing up this passion. Delphine has spent much of her professional career working in consulting. Her background not only enables her to ask the right questions to understand her client's needs and wants but also to clearly explain the financials involved while advocating on her client’s behalf through tactful negotiation. Her priority is to partner with her clients to accomplish their homeownership dreams.

In her free time, she loves to bake, read, travel, hike, ride bikes, watch movies and listen to music. Her happy place is with her family and friends from around the world, sharing food, having lively discussions, and also playing a few games. She is also very connected with the local French community.

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