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French Companies: Expand into the US with Denver Global Landing Pad Program – Application Deadline Extended to May 24th, 2024

Are you a French business with ambitions to expand to the US market? The city of Denver, Colorado, offers a unique program to assist international businesses in their global development.

If interested, please read below about the application process and contact us directly at

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity is pleased to invite international companies from around the world to participate in its 2024 Global Landing Pad (GLP) to assist with their U.S. market expansion efforts. This business acceleration program provides a comprehensive curriculum to help companies grow and succeed in Denver. We aim to create ideal conditions for the expansion of foreign companies to validate their fit in the U.S. We invite you to join us in exploring the opportunities, tools, and resources available in Denver, Colorado.


  • Three-day program sessions held in-person

  • Topics covering immigration, licensing and registration, tax and accounting, legal, how to protect your IP, VC landscape, how to talk to investors, employee management, and much more

  • Immersive business mentorship

  • Lasting connections among CEOs and founders of similar businesses within the cohort

  • Establish a local network of partners, clients, and service providers in the country

  • Identify potential funders for future financing needs

  • Participate in Denver Startup Week, September 16-20, 2024

WHEN: This cohort will be held September 11-13, 2024 

WHERE: Denver, Colorado 

FEE: $500 USD (payable upon acceptance)

ABOUT DENVER: Learn more about Denver's Global Footprint

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