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French LSA- New Small Business Member

French Language Services Assistance, or French LSA, is your gateway to a world of linguistic and cultural discovery. With tailored learning options such as one-on-one online AP French prep, private tutoring and individual lessons, students of all ages and all levels are sure to excel in their French language skills and master any rigorous French exams.

Owned and operated by Christine Bilange, a French native born and raised in the French Alps, French LSA works with its clients to create a fun and professional learning environment. From novice to bilingual proficiency, French LSA can assist students in achieving their language goals with great success and ease.

Christine takes pride in designing lessons tailored to each language learner's needs, building off their level of proficiency, language objectives, and confidence levels. French LSA recognizes that learning a language is no easy task. Christine instills positive, constructive and confidence-boosting methods into her teaching practice, to ensure that all students learn in a more proficient way and feel confident when communicating in French.

Whether students are looking to learn French for professional or recreational reasons, learning with French LSA extends beyond acquiring a new language. Past and current students seem extremely pleased with their experiences with French LSA, as you can find a plethora of reviews listed on French LSA's website, all boasting with positivity on their experiences with Christine and French LSA.

For more information about lessons and tutoring sessions, visit French or contact Christine Bilange at

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