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Cheers to Crafting Excellence: Chatelier & Co.

Amandine Chatelier's journey through the world of wine began amidst the picturesque landscapes of Cognac and Bordeaux. At the young age of 4, she took her first steps into the vineyards, a playground between her father and grandfather, sparking a passion that would shape her future.

As life unfolded, rugby took center stage in Amandine's journey, leading her across Bordeaux to the sun-soaked landscapes of Perpignan in Languedoc Roussillon—regions where wine is not merely a drink but a cherished art form.

Nestled within the heart of these iconic wine regions, Amandine immersed herself in the intricacies of winemaking, absorbing the various techniques, grape varieties, and the profound significance of 'terroir'. Her journey reached its peak with her prestigious Master Sommelier certification, a tangible testament to her unwavering dedication to mastering the artistry of wine.

Her family's influence extended beyond the vineyards, seeping into the world of Cognac. Amandine drew wisdom from her distiller father and learned from the best- luminaries like Christian Bellaire, Maitre de Chais at Hennessy, located just 12 miles from her home.

Rugby eventually transported Amandine across the Atlantic to the United States, where she encountered an entirely new vista of wine appreciation, unlocking surprising revelations about Cognac and cocktails. Eager to share her wealth of passion and knowledge, she founded Chatelier&Co, seamlessly blending her French finesse with American techniques and preferences.

Amandine's journey is an eloquent testament to the seamless marriage of tradition and innovation, giving birth to Chatelier&Co—a distinctive embodiment of her profound love for wine and spirits. The brand encapsulates the essence of her diverse experiences, offering enthusiasts a sip of the rich tapestry that is Amandine Chatelier's extraordinary odyssey. Chatelier & CO offers a wide array of in-home and private event services, including:

  • Wine Pairing Nights

  • Cognac & French Brandy tasting

  • Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

  • Seafood Boards

  • Personalized French Tours

Book Chatelier & Co for your next unforgettable Wine or Cognac evening with Master Sommelier Amandine Chatelier!

Contact Chatelier & Co:

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