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Member Spotlight: A dream with no limit: Exploring the legacy of Paris-Milan

Updated: May 25

Our Arizona Chapter is proud to feature Nathalie Chianura, the inspiring owner of Paris-Milan Home. The name Paris-Milan is a tribute to Nathalie's heritage with her mother hailing from Paris, and her father from Milan.

“It’s home,” Nathalie says and she strives to communicate this sense of home to her clients. “Their home is not my home but my work is to understand my clients and help build their dream home - one where they will feel harmony and well-being."


Nathalie’s passion is to bring the savoir-faire and elegance of Paris and Milan to America. Paris-Milan Home partners exclusively with European artisans who have maintained their family businesses over multiple generations. Each piece sold in her store embodies beauty, passion, and utility; designed to be cherished for generations. 

Nathalie speaks passionately about the power of dreams. "A dream has no limits", she says. "Believe in our culture and traditions, and from that come these things.” Her clients can own her furniture for more than 30 years, and Nathalie believes it is important to invest in quality.


Paris-Milan aims to instill in its clients a love for history, and a deep appreciation for European craftsmanship. “It’s a treasure,” Nathalie says, hoping that her clients will come to know and love the rich heritage and savoir-faire of another country.

Nathalie came to North Scottsdale in 1992 with very little conversational skills in English, she saw right away the potential for high-end French retail in what was then the desert. In 2006, she began a successful partnership with Roche Bobois which eventually led to the sale of her business in November 2018. By January 2019, Nathalie had launched Paris-Milan Home.

Paris-Milan Website: Paris-Milan Home 

Paris-Milan Phone Number: 480.550. 6299

Paris-Milan Email Address:


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