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Success Story: Clement Monnet | Cinessance

In April 2021, serial entrepreneur Clément Monnet decided to develop a solution for a problem experienced for too-long by all French learners, speakers, and lovers abroad: no easy online access to French movies and series.

Clément is a French expat who’s lived across four continents - Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

As an expat, he knows the feeling of wanting to share his culture to friends and colleagues abroad and was frustrated for years not to find a place to watch the classics and new releases of French cinema.

He decided to take action when realizing that France was the second largest exporter of movies in theaters in the world but there was no easy online access to French content. Indeed, only 3% of Netflix’s catalogue features French films whereas France is producing 300 movies per year.

6-months later, Cinessance was born. The service was launched in the US and Canada in November 2021 with a catalogue of 100 movies, classics and recents, that can be watched on demand on Cinessance web, iOS, or Android app for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

Cinessance has a lot of ambitions and they intend to grow their catalogue to 500 movies by the end of 2022 by adding more classics, and especially more of the new movies quickly after they are released in theaters in France.
Through May, new RMFACC members will receive
6 month of subscription to Cinessance for FREE

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