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Christine Bilange

Board Director

Born and raised amidst the beauty of the French Alps, Christine embarked on a dynamic journey as technology emerged in the world. This journey led her to Paris for 10 years and across continents to the US, enriching the lives of countless individuals through technology and the art of French language and culture.

After driving computer sales across Rhône-Alpes, Christine's focus shifted towards Paris. She joined France Telecom Mobile where her entrepreneurial spirit thrived in the competitive landscape. Her efforts catalyzed the launch of Itineris and orchestrated exponential growth in sales through a robust commercial support network and market presence.

In the midst of these professional achievements, the joys of motherhood beckoned, prompting her to embark on a new adventure in California while nurturing her passion for teaching. Channeling her expertise into education, she ventured into teaching French, sharing her knowledge and preparing students for academic success via her business, French LSA.

In 2023, she embarked on a new chapter in the sun-kissed landscapes of Phoenix, where she now resides, embracing the trails and the desert vistas as her new backdrop.

While remaining steadfast in her commitment to educating on French language and culture and simultaneously preparing students for academic success, she is deeply committed to nurturing connections and facilitating economic collaboration between France and the stunning state of Arizona.

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