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Behind the scenes of "A day to elevate yourself" with Blaise Agresti and the RMFACC

On February 5th, Blaise Agresti, French expert in mountain rescue and Founder of Mountain Path led this extraordinary backcountry ski expedition near Berthoud Pass.

Our adventurous members of the Rocky Mountain French American Chamber of Commerce (RMFACC) in company of our Vice-President, Benjamin Grajzgrund, experimented an out-of-the box training program to surpass yourself and learn how to perform in a challenging environment.

They faced different themes essential to master in a leader position: Crisis Management, Decision Making and Team Building.

Bravo to all the participants who succeeded the achievement of this experience!

We hope to offer a different type of experience with Blaise Agresti during the Spring/Summer Season 2022. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates:

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